“Lenaya is a delightful doula and human being who brought many gifts to my pregnancy and birthing experience: warmth, compassion, reassurance, encouragement, grounding, spirit, humor, pragmatism, education, advocacy…(I could go on).  Lenaya is warm and easy to relate to: both my husband and I felt comfortable with her upon our initial meeting. She worked beautifully with my stellar OB and the amazing nurses at Marin General’s labor and delivery unit. She was able to meet me in the place where the spirituality of bringing a soul Earthside meets the practical aspects of preparing for birth. Hiring Lenaya was one of the best decisions we made around our son’s natural birth. Her presence never wavered, and to this day I consider her part of my sister tribe.”

-Krista H.

“I am incredibly grateful for Lenaya’s services as my doula earlier this month. She was incredible! Lenaya supported me emotionally (and with excellent information) as I approached a dreaded induction, and then was a perfect partner during the intense labor experience. She struck the perfect balance between hands-on attention when I needed it, and providing space for my husband and I to be together. There was never a moment when I wanted Lenaya when she wasn’t already by my side, and she knew exactly how to help my aching body Her energy is naturally calming, and she brings grace and confidence to her work. I would strongly recommend Lenaya to any pregnant mama!”

Posted by Sarah Keane on Saturday, January 16, 2016