What is a Doula?

Whether you’re having your first baby or your fifth, birth is a powerful rite of passage. Finding a doula is an important part of planning, so that you can create the best birth experience and memories possible.

A doula is a birth keeper.  She has a deep trust in birth and a desire to empower every birthing person to make informed decisions that are best suited for them and their growing family.  She is non-medical in nature, but well versed in birth.  She offers her knowledge and can gently guide decision making when necessary.  She is a powerful ally along the journey of becoming a parent.

baby shoes on belly

Birth doulas work with pregnant people and their partners before birth to inform them about the birth process and the choices available. They offer individualized support for the unique needs of each family.  They empower expecting families to ask questions, be educated and make decisions that are their own, so that they feel positive about their birth experiences.

Postpartum doulas assist parents during the life-changing transitional time that follows coming home with their new addition.  They help new parents gain skills, experience and confidence which can decrease stress and exhaustion, allowing for the joys of this important time. They relieve sleepless and tired families, by offering practical support, such as caring for the baby, mama or the home.  They give emotional support, by listening to concerns, offering their wealth of information and when necessary referring out for additional support.